Released - 31 May 2013

A collaboration between internationally acclaimed musicians Bobby Singh (Tabla), Adrian McNeil (Sarod) and Damian Wright (Flamenco Guitar), Rasa Duende's first recording "Improvisations" explores meeting points between Hindustani and Flamenco traditions through a deep understanding and engagement with both of these highly expressive music cultures.

The trio explores meeting points between the melodies, rhythms and aesthetic thought that is deeply embedded in both music cultures. Through the primacy of improvisation, the artists respectfully engage with a range of this traditional material, and then arranges it into a new collaborative setting.

1. Bhairenco
2. Guambiana
3. Ajnabi
4. Mishra Kirwani Dadra
5. Sketch of Solea
6. Ektal por Bulerias
7. In Time
8. Old Monk Rhumba



Released - 24 June 2009

Ben Hauptmann - Mandolins
Damian Wright - Flamenco Guitar & Palmas
Steve Hunter - Electric Bass Guitar & Percussion
James Hauptmann - Drums, Cajon, Percussion & Palmas

The Translators are a Sydney based ensemble that united on this project through a mutual love of jazz, flamenco and world music. Creating compositions that interplay these influences and producing music with the richest of cultural sounds.

With the rhythmic and melodic intensity of Flamenco and the harmonic warmth and improvisational passion of Jazz. The Translators are one of the most unique groups Australia has produced.

1. Turquoise
2. Cazador
3. Halyna (solo guitar)
4. El Viaje
5. North Bondi
6. Wobbygong
7. The Question (solo bass)
8. Yum Yum Tree
9. Dwarfs
10. Walk Dance
11. In Time (solo guitar)