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ETNIKA (MALTA) with support by Damian Wright (Bandaluzia) in Sydney



Some 15 years ago a small but enthusiastic group of friends on the Mediterranean island of Malta succeeded in achieving the unachievable: to almost singlehandedly revive the lost Maltese roots music genre.

“…the band who are single-handedly spearheading the renaissance in Maltese roots music" - Jon Lusk (Roots magazine)

ETNIKA toured extensively representing Malta, and performed internationally in over 15 countries and prestigious venues of Europe and North Africa, including the Montreux Jazz festival. Oud and biambo (jew's harp), Maltese flute and flamenco footwork, double bass and Maltese lullabies. The enchanting melancholy echoes over complex rhythms, old Maltese instruments find their way into the sizzling current soundscape on a fascinating musical journey of Malta and the Mediterranean. Expect a few detours, expect the unexpected, this port-cabaret band has a big heart.

“...the undisputed keepers of the flame” - Kevin Drake (Malta Now)

“...some of the most interesting and challenging music you are likely to hear on this earth-like world” - Jim Foley (